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Our program prepares students for American Welding Society (AWS) certification. Students learn in a industry current lab facility equipped with CNC Plasma Cutting Machine (PlasmaCam); Robotic Welder; Environmental Air System; Quality Control Inspection Stations; Spot Welder & Virtual Welder; which simulates various welding environments and processes; and more. Students complete several small fabrication projects throughout the program.

Dallas Roberts
Mike Wagner
Certified Welding Inspector
NCCER Certified
Certified OSHA Instructor

Certified Welding Inspector
ANSI Certified
AWS Certified

Welding Courses

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding I
    Gain an understanding of arc welding, welding safety, arc welding power sources, electrode classifions and selection. Develop skills necessary to make quality shielded metal arc welds in all positions on mild steel from 3/16 to 1/2 plate, single and multiple pass, using mild steel, low hydrogen and iron powder electrodes, with DC welding current.

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding II
    Develop skills to produce quality multi-pass groove welds with backing on 3/8 plates in the horizontal, vertical and overhead positions. Gain exposure to hard surfacing, repair of cast iron, metal identification, welding procedures and welder qualification on destructive and nondestructive testing methods.

  • Oxyacetylene Welding, Cutting & Brazing
    Develop an understanding of oxyacetylene welding and cutting and safety practices. Produce quality 11-gauge fillet welds and open root 3/16 V groove bevel welds (all positions); Gain experience in flame cutting mild steel plate, weld quality and applications of fuel gases.

  • Blueprint Reading & Welding Symbols
    Develop a technical understanding of information contained on engineering drawings. Use information to communicate setup and welding instructions from the designer to the welder and fitter. Learn AWS(R) A2.4 Symbols for Welding and Nondestructive Examination Standard which provides a vital link between the designer and people responsible for producing and planning welding.

  • Welding Fabrication
    Practical application of cutting and welding processes. Students will fabricate several small projects in lab using combination squares, levels, cutting equipment and welding processes throughout the program.

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding
    Understand gas metal arc welding, equipment adjustments, metal transfer and shielding gases. Gain skills to make quality gas metal arc welds in all positions on mild steel from 3/16 sheet to 3/8 plate, single and multiple passes, using short circuit transfer process. Learn about problems associated with welding situations and corrective action. Learn pulse transfer other than short-circuiting. Learn how pulse transfer provides for high deposition rate for all position welding. Also included is gas metal arc welding of aluminum.

  • Flux-Cored Arc Welding
    Learn to produce quality fillet and groove welds on carbon steel using small diameter electrode wires, large diameter gas shielded and self-shielded electrode wires as well as metal cored wires. Develop skills for Welder Arc. Weld on carbon steels using small and large diameter flux-cored electrodes, with and without shielding gas, in all positions on fillet and groove welds.

  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
    Understand gas tungsten arc welding, arc characteristics and welding safety. Develop skills necessary to make quality gas tungsten arc welds on 16 and 11 gauge mild steel, .060 and .062 gauge stainless steel and .125 aluminum, using both direct and alternating current. Learn characteristics of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

  • Introduction to Pipe Welding
    Provides beginning theory and practical instruction in preparation for pipe welding. Gain instruction in stringer, open root groove welds on plate. Students will demonstrate an open root weld on pipe in the 1G position. Welds will be in accordance with ASME Section IX carbon steel pipe.

(630-hour program)


  • Class meets from 5:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
    Monday through Thursday

  • September 4, 2018 - June 19, 2019
  • January 7, 2019 - complete in the Fall of 2019
  • January 28, 2019 - complete in the Fall of 2019
  • March 11, 2019 - complete in the Fall of 2019

  • 9/4/18 - 10/11/18 : Shielded Metal Arc Welding I Tuition & Fees = $1,186
  • 10/15/18 - 11/20/18 : Shielded Metal Arc Welding II Tuition & Fees = $1,186
  • 11/26/18 - 12/20/18 : Blueprint Reading, OSHA-10, & Weld Symbols Tuition & Fees = $928
  • 1/7/19 - 1/24/19 : Oxyacetylene Welding, Cutting & Brazing Tuition & Fees = $863
  • 1/28/19 - 3/7/19 : Gas Metal Arc Welding Tuition & Fees = $1,244
  • 3/11/19 - 4/4/19 : Flux-Cored Arc Welding Tuition & Fees = $990
  • 4/8/19 - 5/23/19 : Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Tuition & Fees = $1,251

Fees (630-hour program)
Program Total
*Fees include books, tools, lab fees, two A.W.S. certification assessments, and personal/career counseling services. Current Fees are estimated & may change before class begin.

Articulation Agreements
Franklin University - 21 credit hours
(Bachelor of Science in Applied Management degree)

North Central State College - 30 credit hours
(Associate in Technical Studies/Manufacturing degree)

Lorain County Community College - in process

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